Scented Candles
Scented Candles

Scented Candles


Perfect scented candles, a limited edition now available for Christmas. 

Candles are so evocative flickering away on a mantelpiece or on a table, at a dinner party they create a sense of occasion, and by the side of the bath, they help us relax.  These were definitely on my list of products to develop this year. The candles come in a set of three different patterned glass designs and in each candle a different matching scent.

The candles are made with all-natural ingredients and soya wax. The holders can be carefully cleaned after the candle has burned down and used as tea light holders.

Each set comes in a beautiful gift box.

Burning time approx. 12 hours

Each set contains one of each:

  • Frankincense Geranium and Rose
  • Frankincense and lavender
  • Rose and Oudh

Hand-poured, the ingredients are gathered from the UK and Oman and made by specialist blenders, and some one I went to school with  here in Brighton!

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About the Scented Candle Scents

Omani Frankincense resin has been famous for centuries since ancient times. Boswellia Sacra Frankincense from Oman is highly valued for its quality and for its distinct citric aromas. The Frankincense Resins are the natural gum harvested from hardy and rare ‘Boswellia Sacra’ Trees from the southern deserts of Oman and are regarded as the best variety in the world.

Damask Rose Water (steamed distillate rosa damascena) is made purely from rose petals grown and picked on the Jabal Akhdar mountain in northern Oman and steam-distilled in the centuries old method employed by the petal growers. This means that the water retains as much of the precious rose oil as is possible giving it its unique smell and healing properties

About Sarah Arnett

Sarah is a renowned fashion, interiors and illustrative artist. Her fantastic landscapes and illustrative wonderlands are richly influenced by her experience of living in Brighton, a regency seaside town.

For ten years, Sarah designed my womenswear collection, which sold in over 100 luxury stores worldwide. In 2007 she was awarded the UK Fashion Export Award for Womenswear, and her lifestyle brand collaboration, Modern Love, was showcased by Liberty as one of the first ‘Best of British’ labels.

Today, her signature style of elegant beauty has expanded into areas outside the fashion industry to explore a broader creative process. She works across a range of mediums, including hand-painting, photography and digital-illustration.


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