Music at Shelter Hall Raw

Music is central to the Shelter Hall Raw mission to become the heart of the community in Brighton. In a city as creative as Brighton, we can’t wait to use our hall to showcase all of the amazing talent that is present here – and we can’t think of a better stage than our welcoming terrace on the beach!  As our business evolves, we look forward to welcoming unknown and aspiring bands alongside regular live sets from our emerging artists and DJs.

We have an incredible, talented, roster of DJs on rotation who soundtrack every Friday and Saturday at Shelter Hall Raw. They have an array of experience musically and are very much at the forefront of Brighton’s music scene.

With weekends of live performances day and night, we program our music to ensure that your experience at Shelter Hall is one you will take with you.

To stay up to date on upcoming live music weekends, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We look forward to welcoming aspiring talent through Sessions at Shelter Hall.

We’d love to hear from you if your profile matches. Please do get in touch!

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