Brighton Coffee Works

Brighton Coffee Works

Brighton Coffee Works

New coffee concept founded by Kris Katin & Michael Tingsager (with over 30 years of food and drink development experience all over the world), Brighton Coffee Works will showcase the very best coffee from ethical & sustainable Roasters across Sussex.

With a focus on limited delivery miles & reusable packaging for all beans, Brighton Coffee Works prioritizes its environmental commitments. Working closely with local suppliers, Kris & Michael serves a menu of coffees, teas, hot chocolate & juices, sourced from the Sussex area. They also offer the delicious Freddo-style iced coffee, refreshing on a hot summer day!

Flint Owl Bakery provides a wonderful range of baked goodies to go with the drinks and work closely with the guys to complement the offer!

A priority is made for suppliers who source their beans responsibly using the Direct Trade model, serving teas, cakes, pastries and even milk that all come from Sussex producers.

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